SEPT. 13

An Exclusive, Hush-Hush Evening. A Private Room. No Stage. No Microphones. Just You, The Boys & A Piano.


 Programme I………………Anti-Recital Ticket

Only 30 seats available, 21 & over. $150.00

You are (un)cordially invited to share an intimate evening of music and anti-socializing with the boys.

At the Anti-Recital

  1. Dress To Kill. Terrance & Saar will be arriving to your Anti-Recital well-groomed and fancy… and so should you.
  2. Pose Like A Boss. As you mingle at your Anti-Recital, a sharp shooter will snap fancy photos of you with the boys. You will be provided a secret password to access the pictures.
  3. Lend A Virgin Ear. Sit around the piano with Saar & Terrance and hear them sing songs from their various projects: The Devil’s Carnival, American Murder Song & Repo! The Genetic Opera. But that’s not all you’ll hear. Expect surprises at your Anti-Recital. It’ll be a true living room concert experience.
  4. Name That Tune. At every Anti-Recital, Terrance & Saar will perform a different song that you, or one of your fellow anti-socialites, has requested. Anything goes.
  5. Ask An Inappropriate Question. Saar & Terrance will greet you at the door of your Anti-Recital with an Inappropriate Question Jar. Drop a question in the jar and, at random, one will be drawn and answered during the show. Again, anything goes.
  6. Birds Of A Feather. As the evening winds down, hobnob with Terrance & Saar, imbibe, and mingle with your fellow anti-socialites before retiring to the night.

Before the Anti-Recital

  1. A Very Special Invite. You will receive a highfalutin, personalized invitation from Saar & Terrance in the mail to commemorate this very special event.
  2. Keep A Secret. In the weeks leading up to your Anti-Recital, you will receive several private messages, including your Anti-Recital’s confidential coordinates, when and where to submit your song request, and details of your special night with the boys. Keep it on the Q. T.

Before the Anti-Recital

Every Anti-Recital will be different, but every performance will be super intimate and unlike any show that Terrance & Saar have previously done. A super-cozy, super-VIP experience. A hush-hush evening in a private room. No stage. No microphones. Just you, Saar & Terrance, and a piano.

Note: Due to the exclusive nature of this event, there will be no refunds on tickets purchased. Each Anti-Recital will contain adult conversations, libations and damnations, so tickets are limited to anti-socialites who are 21 & older.


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