SEPT. 20

An Exclusive, Hush-Hush Evening. A Private Room. No Stage. No Microphones. Just You, The Boys & A Piano.


 Programme III………………Game Night

Only 4 seats available, 21 & over. $375.00

You are (un)cordially invited to share an intimate evening playing The Donner Party Board Game with the boys.

Earlier this year, Terrance & Saar developed and produced a board game based on America’s favorite cannibals, The Donner Party. It’s a tabletop adventure for up to 6 players. That’s Saar, Terrance, You, and 3 other anti-socialites. Be prepared for an evening of (un)friendly competition and vulgar fun.

Your Game Night will last 3 hours and will be held at a clandestine location, which will be revealed to you by a secret communiqué. very hush hush.

Note: Since game play will include adult beverages and smack-talking, Game Night is limited to anti-socialites who are over the age of 21. Due to the exclusive nature of this event, there will be no refunds on tickets purchased.


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